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Play Open Face Chinese Poker Online at TonyBet Poker

open face chineseThe latest poker hit, Open Face Chinese Poker has finally made itself through to the online poker community as Tonybet Poker launched the first global OFCP app last December. In just two months the game became a huge success. The site reports thousand of new player signups with hundreds lining up at the online tables during peak hours.

But before heading straight to the game, let’s just go trough some of the key points on what you need to know about Open Face Chinese Poker. If you’re not familiar with the game, learning is pretty easy, however, as is the case with all of the poker variations, mastering the game is a whole other story.

As OFC poker is a rather new phenomenon nobody has yet come up with the best strategy for the game with even the best players in the field claiming that’s not likely to happen in the near future. However, the one thing most players agree on is that Open Face Chinese is probably the most fun poker game they’ve come across.

In fact OFC is very similar to the regular Chinese poker with one, but very important distinction – it’s played with all players setting their hands face-up. There are three most common Open Face Chinese variations – OFC Pineapple, OFC Turbo and OFC Classic. There is also the OFC Regular variant with each player receiving all of their 13 cards at once, but it’s the least popular of the four.

The one variation enjoyed by most players is Open Face Chinese Pineapple – the game is played with the regular 52 card deck featuring two or three players. Each player receives five face-down cards to set up their starting hand. Once the five initial cards have been set, the opponents are shown the player’s hand.

Then every player is dealt three more cards in every subsequent dealing round. However, they can only use two for their Open Face Chinese Poker hand and burn one. The round ends when all players have set their hands and the points for each hand are distributed.

Every Open Face Chinese Poker hand consists of thirteen cards which need to be set in the following order: the strongest five-card hand at the bottom, the weaker five-card hand in the middle and the weakest three-card hand at the top. So actually every OFCP hand consists of three different poker hands. Should the player fail to follow the hand strength order, they foul and receive no points for their hand.

Sounds a bit complicated? Once you dig into it, it’s actually very easy and fun to play. Check out this short Open Face Chinese video lesson to get the grip.

Would like to give OFC a try? Go to Tonybet Poker and download the Open Face Chinese Poker