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How to become a top poker room?

As the saying goes: ‘every good soldier wants to be a general’ we can see that it really applies to every aspect of our lives, too. At work we want to become the boss, in sports we want to be the champion while in poker players want to become the best at their stakes and move forward until the ultimate goal is reached – a WSOP Main Event bracelet which brings money as well as world fame.

Online poker rooms also have an ultimate goal to strive for – being the best. The main criteria to becoming a top poker room it is compare the amount of players players you have at your tables as well as what’s the flow size of the new players that join the online poker room every day, every week, etc. In other words, traffic helps us to see which rooms are improving and which are not. Of course, online poker spreading has suffered a real roller-coaster since it all started on 1 January, 1998.

A real Golden Age of online poker was the 2004 when tons of poker rooms were launched and the competition for the name of The Top Poker Room on the planet really kicked in. The 2006 UIGEA, 2011 Black Friday has obviously altered online poker development and traffic. Without U.S. players 60% of the market is taken by one online poker room and the 40% is shared among all the rest online poker rooms. Clearly, with differentiation such as this the traffic is not the only criteria determining which are the top poker rooms. So, what else allows us to separate the best online poker rooms from the rest?

There are lots of anticipated venues and awards that online poker rooms feel the honor to be nominated at or even win. Events like E-Gaming Review Awards (EGR) is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies where the best in gaming world are recognized – becoming the year’s best should be a goal of every Top Online Poker Room.

What does it take to become a top online poker room?

One thing is sure, being a Top Poker Room does require a sufficient player base, good Loyalty Rewards for both new and existing poker players as well as high quality customer support. A truly Top Online Poker Room should also provide players with great, easy-to-clear deposit bonuses, best value poker promotions such as Rake races or Raked hand that keep the players motivated to grind at the poker tables as much as possible. Preferable but not exactly obligatory are the satellites to the most important poker events in the world such as Aussie Millions, World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, World Poker Tour, etc.

Satellites like these are important simply because of the publicity the poker site gets. It is considered a matter of prestige to send many poker players to such big events like WSOP because in a case of winning the any event, especially the Main Event, the brand name of any poker room goes on top of every list there is in poker.

Often, a player that managed to claim a win that massive in many cases is instantly offered a sponsorship deal. Even making the final table is a huge honor so many of the top poker sites try to sign up these players. For example, 2003 WSOP Main Event winner, an amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker instantly signed a deal with the Top Poker Room he had played at – Pokerstars.

Is is hard to become a top online poker room?

Well, it is not easy, to begin with. But actually, as we see, in order to be among Top Online Poker Rooms you do not have to be the oldest one or the newest one, or the largest one, etc. It is a combination of features that truly matter. For example, PKR Poker is among Top Online Poker Rooms because they offer some spectacular tournaments like PKR Masters, fantastic bonus as well as unique features – 3D Poker with avatar personalization, chip tricks, daunting your opponents with laughs, insults, etc. Just like at a real poker table. Other Top Poker Rooms have different but just as unique features that players love. At 888 Poker it is their private games as well as WebCam Games, Pokerstars uniqueness is its mega tournaments including $1 million Sunday every week and live events like Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, Pokerstars EPT, etc.

Uniqueness is definitely a key to becoming a Top Online Poker Room but there are a lot of other things that we usually do not even think about until we feel the lack lack of it. Like safety. As history shows us, online gambling is always a target of cybercriminals so security is of colossal importance. But the thing with Security (as any of the similar concepts) is that you only notice the lack of it. And it is already too late then. So Top Poker Rooms work hard in order to prevent the security-related scandals not cleaning the mess after.

All in all, in today’s poker there are still hundreds of top quality online poker rooms that offer free cash to play poker, largest poker bonuses, best bonus clearance rates, unique features, etc. So, there may be many different lists of Top Online Poker Rooms set on a variety of criteria but the most important to us are uniqueness, security, loyalty rewards, best poker bonuses in the business and the best poker promotions such as rake races, rake hands races, reload bonuses, etc.