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Best Poker Rooms in 2014

pokerstars logoIt sometimes makes your head spin when you think about how fast online poker is changing! Not all change is good but hopefully the worst is already in the past. It is time to put everything behind and move forward as there seems to be a very bright future that online poker has. Consider this, 20 years ago saying to your significant other that you play poker for a living not only would put a degenerate gambler’s image on you but even ruin your relationship. Now, judges agree that poker is a game of skill and is legal to play! Today poker players are celebrities!

Moreover, it is considered to be an honor to sign a sponsorship deal with one of the top poker rooms and represent them in the poker events worldwide. The face of poker have changed forever but there is lots of potential that the Golden age of online poker is still ahead. So, if you want to be at right place at the right time, better jump on the train right now or it might be too late. So, we give you the best poker rooms to play at in 2014.

But before we go on, we want to firstly say we will not give you a direct answer in the end. The final choice is always yours. And it is just too hard to give a straight answer as often the only criteria for the top poker room is the magnitude of the traffic and obviously after 2006 UIGEA as well as after the Black Friday the No.1 online poker room in traffic by a mile is Pokerstars. However, there is a lot of poker rooms online that have significant amount of traffic to keep even the biggest multitablers satisfied. And these great poker rooms do not need to generate a 100.000 in daily traffic to do so. But having adequate traffic is crucial. So, the most important criteria in determining Top Online Poker Rooms in 2014 are:

  • Poker770Traffic Generated
  • Loose tables
  • Biggest tournaments
  • Ability to learn and improve
  • Poker Bonus and the Welcome Package
  • Rake back possibilities
  • Monthly/Yearly Promotions
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Customer Support Quality

Best Online Poker Tournaments

888pokerSince the Black Friday in 2011 online poker has changed but we still want to find the best places to play poker. And the key to finding the best poker rooms – places to play or in other words, tournaments. And when we speak about tournaments, Pokerstars is the top online poker room. They have all sorts of tournaments including the weekend tournaments such as 1$ Million Sunday, $500.000 Sunday Warm-up, etc.

Also, they have as huge poker series online like WCOOP with over $42 million prizepool. And as if that was not enough Pokerstars also offers a tournament series held live – Pokerstars European Poker Tour. Of course, you do not have to play at Pokerstars to play at EPT but not many top poker rooms have their own live series.

But the thing is that the bigger the online poker room, the bigger the competition. Often it may be the case that in the poker tournaments in other poker rooms it is much easier to finish in the money. So, make sure you consider other top poker rooms like 888 Poker and Party Poker with just as many mind-blowing tournaments such as $100k GTD and $200.000 Sunday with smaller pools of players that you have to compete against to win.

Best Online Poker Rewards

That is fundamental for any of the poker rooms to offer as generous rewards for their players as possible in order to keep them playing. There are all sorts, shapes and sizes of the rewards and whatever it is – it is got to be generous. To name a few of the benefits worth thinking about when joining a poker room:

  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Cash Back
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Birthday gifts
  • Depositors Freerolls

logoPokerstars is the room with one of the biggest cash back bonus you can get online. A Supernova Elite gets 74% of rake back to their account. Moreover, these kinds of rewards expire after a month or a year. So, if you are not yet a pro grinder able to multitable 15 tables at once, you should look where the rewards at the lower tiers are the best. For example, PKR Loyalty Rewards never expire (Once you reach Tier 2, you never go back to Tier 1, etc. ). This is great! Even though you go through Tiers slower it does not matter whether you are able to grind the same amount as the last month. You never lose your tiers once you reach it. And the additional benefits are amazing (reload bonuses, birthday Freerolls, Points Boosters, etc.)

Best Poker Bonuses

party-pokerWelcome bonuses are also most important. Mainly there are Deposit Match Bonus and a No Deposit Bonus. Both are important but they serve very different purposes. No Deposit bonus is an instant gift to a player who registers at a poker site. Some of the best poker rooms online that offer no deposit bonuses are Party Poker, Poker 770 and 888 Poker. The majority of players who seek for no Deposit bonuses are new players that haven’t built their bankroll at any site yet.

Deposit bonus is gift that you have to wait for e.g. collect points for. Plus, you have to have enough money to make a deposit. But it is definitely worth it as some of the best online poker rooms may boost your deposit up by 250%! Some of the largest poker bonuses boost the first deposit to as high as $2500. But to get the bonus, you have to collect a number of points in a limited amount of time (30 days to 90 days) in order to clear the full bonus. Consider whether the bonus will be credited in increments or as a whole.

A beginner can not clear $2500 so the biggest deposit bonuses are designed for advanced players that play tens of thousands of hands in a month.

All in all, poker players worldwide agree that migrating from poker room to poker room is usually not the best idea because once you register it takes time until you get used to the software, to the tournament schedules, etc. This is the reason why picking a poker room is an important decision that needs a bit of time. So, take your time but we can assure you that Pokerstars, Party Poker, 888 Poker, Poker770 and PKR are the top poker rooms offering you only the best conditions to play the game you love!