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My experience playing online poker

Playing pokerI have been playing poker for a year, maybe a bit longer. I started at Party Poker while they were still giving away free $50 to start. However, my friend has been playing on 888 Poker and has told me they have improved a lot in the recent year. So, I decided to try it out myself.

I’m not too crazy about the software. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I don’t like it. It tilts me. Maybe it’s the sounds? But I have to admit, the ability to throw a tomato or a snowball at your opponent, or award him for a well-played hand is pretty hilarious. Moreover, they are brilliant in terms of tournaments and cash games as well as the amount of loose players at the tables. Also, being relatively new to poker I often log-in to frequent 888Poker freerolls. It’s often a great bankroll booster because of prizepools often reaching $10,000 and even $30,000.

My start at 888Poker

So, I started at 888Poker by depositing $200 to play NL10. This also will make me $200 via a bonus in addition to everything I gain though 888Poker rewards. At the start, I did lose a few buy-ins but I did expect that because I don’t know who my opponents are, I don’t have  anhy notes on them. However, in a little over than a month at 888Poker I have played around 30,000 hands and I’m up $130. Currently, I’m happy with my winrate but I also got around $30 in bonus.

About the freerolls. 888Poker is one of the most popular online poker sites with tons of players that are new to poker or players that simply don’t care enough to spend time learning how to play poker properly. Therefore, their frequent $10,000 and $20,000 freerolls always reach the cap of 8000 or 8500 players. Due to the size of the player pool alone 888Poker has to make sure that the game doesn’t run too long. Therefore, these freerolls are always turbo and you often get as little as 1,000 or 1,500 chips to start. Even with that said, I love 888Poker’s free tournaments. People are doing crazy things even in later stages so if you are lucky enough to double up at the beginning, you should be fine playing simple ABC strategy, steal the blinds. Keep an eye on the blinds, though. They go up pretty fast.

888poker888Poker WSOP satellites

888Poker is also famous for their WSOP, WSOP Europe and WSOP Asia-Pacific qualifiers every year. However, if you haven’t heard yet, WSOP has altered their schedule. WSOP in Las Vegas will run annually like it used to, while international annual WSOPE and WSOP Asia-Pacific will take turns to be held each year.

Honestly, I don’t know why they needed such change. Yes, poker players get plenty of tournament to travel around the world but they are not forced to. Whoever feels that they want to travel and play, they can. Whoever doesn’t, they do not need to. And for what it’s worth, the world needs more top-quality poker events, not less.

Why am I talking about that? Let’s just say that recently I started experimenting with different satellite structures. What 888Poker has are luxury packages to Morocco, their own brick and mortar series in several countries as well as satellites to world-class events like WSOP that I already mentioned. I’m not saying this is my major goal but I think it would be pretty sick to win an all-inclusive package to a real money live event. Currently, I am looking into the satellites to their own Super Stack events throughout Canada, Australia, Estonia, Ireland, England, Spain and Malta. Once 888Poker releases their schedule of WSOP qualifiers, I will try them out, too and let you guys know about the results.

That’s that, guys. I still have 1,000 hands to play today so I must return to my grinding. I’ll soon update my bankroll progress, maybe include some graphs, hands and statistics. Good luck at the tables!